My Practice


Practice Areas

  • Criminal Defense
    • Driving Under the Influence
    • Driving After Revocation/Cancellation
    • Domestic Offenses
    • Possession of Drugs
    • Other criminal charges
  • Civil Affairs
    • Driving Under the Influence - License Penalties
    • Expundgments 
  • Family Law
    • Child Custody
    • Divorce/Separation
  • Appeals

My Approach

I became an attorney in order to give a voice to those who often believe they cannot afford representation within the courtroom. The prices of representation are often just as overwhelming as the legal situation you find yourself in, and I believe that everyone deserves affordable legal counsel. In order to accomplish this, I have started my own firm dedicated to your specific case and circumstances. I will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you not only understand the choices you are making but feel empowered to make them. I aim for you to be focused on a plan to your personal success, not what financial situation you'll find yourself in.

A Team in Your Corner

While I am a solo practitioner, I do not believe that any attorney should work alone. For this reason, I work often with other attorneys in order to share ideas with each other as well as brainstorm the best solutions to problems. While we speak of circumstances of the case, remember that everything you share with me in confidence will be kept that way. My goal is for you to leave our interaction feeling satisfied.

About Me

Monica McCreery


As a graduate from Mitchel | Hamline School of Law, I am the first person in my family to achieve a graduate degree. I will proudly represent you within the courtroom as well as taking the time to make sure your personal needs are met throughout the legal process.

Social Media

Twitter: @LawMcCreery

Instagram: @mccreerylawinsta

Facebook: McCreery Law

Tumblr: mccreerylaw